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Professional interests and specialities

  • Sonic communication (the communicative and expressive powers of sound and music):
    • Epistemology of listening
    • Sound design for user interfaces
    • Intersubjectivity of sonic interactions
    • Developing design methodologies
  • Embodied cognition (as an epistemological paradigm):
    • Action-oriented epistemology of a living, moving, intentional body
    • Multimodality and cross-modal integration in perception
    • The role of movement and kinaesthesia in perception
    • Enactive knowledge
  • Ecological psychology and embodied cognition as a framework for designing interactive products
  • Applying intersubjectivity to design of interactive devices and applications
  • Issues of acoustic ecology; experiencing and interacting with sonic environments
  • Issues of sound education (Fundamentally it’s about acknowledging and becoming aware of ecological meanings of sounds, which do not usually get accounted for in the traditional framework of music education.)
  • Issues of digital culture (the cultural dimension of technology)
  • Issues of creativity (in individual and group processes)
  • Project-based learning
  • Computer games and game-like applications
  • Development of educational applications
  • Editing sound and video
  • Authoring interactive digital content