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Human-Technology Choreographies: re-thinking body, movement and space in interaction design is a workshop that will be held in October 27th 2014, Helsinki, Finland, as a part of NordiCHI 2014, the 8th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

In interaction design, we often tend to focus on objects rather than the movements relating to interacting with them. Even when we do consider movements, we tend to emphasize their instrumental value, i.e., how they have direct effect on the functions of technology. The aim of the whole-day workshop is to start re-thinking the role of movement in the design and use of technology, and explore the ways of using movements as both conceptual and practical basis for interaction design.

The term choreography refers to the meaningful continuums of movement we experience in our interaction with technology. Each technological design manifests choreographies of varying scopes. Human-tehnology choreographies are implied in subtle finger movements as well as in the movement of crowds in public spaces. A choreographic orientation brings forth all the more opportunities and options that interaction designers possess for defining movements and movement-qualities required in interacting with different devices. Human movement is never a mere structure that could be handled without also affecting the inherent meanings it embodies.

The workshop gathers together researchers and practitioners whose work is related to human movements in interaction design. We seek contributions that reflect on design approaches that acknowledge movement as a basic constituent of thought and design.